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College instructor at head of class

Learn options trading online with 15 easy free step-by-step college lessons online right here!

Learn how to make extra money trading options part-time with easy online lessons for:


Sage wisdom from our favorite Omaha Grandfather is: “To invest in a stock/option you like and would give your credit card.”

Let’s tune out the trader-speak mumble (and commissions) and learn how to make our own educated option trades to make extra money part time.

Instructor at head of class

C’mon Moms (and Dads) — here’s 15 easy online FREE option lessons that I teach at a Nevada College — I’m with you every step of the way. Just click on Lesson #1 below and let’s get started – you’ll be a “pro” trading options and making extra money in no time at all!

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(Scroll all the way to the bottom of each lesson, and click on the next one.)

How about stock/option “Hot Picks-&-Tips” each week to help you decide on an underlying stock, and also review call and put opening Spread orders?

Just click on the link below to see the sample Best Buy Co.”Hot Pick” of the week.

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