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Be prepared for Raised Eyebrows and Smurks when you
Share Your New Entrepreneur Business. Here are the
Answers to Fire Right Back to Every Myth.


MYTH: Options are too risky. True ___ False ____

False: You are a thinking, educated Entrepreneur Mom
and you are not blindfolded. (Busted myth!)


MYTH: Options are for professional traders.
True ____ False ____

False: Stock Brokers and their commissions are
yesterday’s news. Online trading is now
available for the average Mom.(Busted Myth!)


MYTH: Options are too expensive. True ____False___

False: You can buy 100 shares of Apple for $11,175.00,
OR — 100 Apple options for $260 (Busted Myth!)


MYTH: Option orders are difficult to execute.
True ___ , False ____

False: Online trading platforms
make order execution as easy as a
click on a mouse. (Busted Myth!)


MYTH: Buying and selling options online is a fad.
True ___ False ___

False: Ordering options online is just like
buying an
airplane ticket online. (Busted Myth!)
Let’s review:
Buying and selling option orders online:
A. ___ Is difficult
B. ___ Is just a fad
C. ___Is more expensive than buying stock
D. ___Is as easy as ordering a Starbucks
latte on your phone.
2. Options are not risky because:
A. ___ Stock tips make it easy to profit.
B. ___ You are educated about the Option market.
C. ___ Your Stock Broker has all the answers.
D. ___Rumors are cash in the bank.
You will be learning all the in’s, out’s and sideways of
conservatively buying and selling options to make
money consistently.

Answers: #1 — D …. #2 — B


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