Can a Rookie Like Me, Learn to Trade Options ??


You can learn how to trade options online right here FREE! (I teach this Adult Education options course at a Las Vegas College.) Step-by-step 15 easy lessons to guide you (Dads too) to make extra money trading stock options online part time.


Just click on the 1st Lesson (lesson list on the right-side) “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Options”.

Then, the next Lesson #2 – “How to be an Option Entrepreneur.” Just click along Lesson #1 – Lesson #15. When you arrive at the last lesson – “Conclusion” – Guess what?! — You’re no longer a Rookie — you’re a successful Option Entrepreneur!

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Are You a BULL or a BEAR Options Trader?

Each week I analyze a HOT stock/option pick, with a touch of animated humor, to help you decide on an underlying stock, as well as review Call and Put opening Spread orders.

I explore behind the scenes influence on the stock price – facts for the savvy trader Mom to overpower the Wall Street bull and make extra money! (free, no cost ever)

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