About Barb


Hi I’m Barb; I’m a single Mom, and Granmom.

I have a formal education that paid well with my very own “cubicle”.
But, I have a bubbling entrepreneur spirit that has taken me through
part time pit stops in boot-strapped business adventures while
securely anchored in my cozy cubicle.

It’s the happy things like toys, hair, nails that Moms need extra money.
We’ve all tried Etsy, Ebay, garage sales, whatever it takes, Moms do.
Then I read an article about Toni Sackler who, well before her time, purchased
a computer modem and began trading options online. Toni was buying
and selling a product without doing any sewing, photos/descriptions, inventory,
expensive shipping, or social marketing/advertising. That was for me!
I became an Option Entrepreneur.

Now, I teach at the College of Southern Nevada
“Making Money Trading Stock Options Online
Made Easy”.
Interest has been phenominal. So, I built this website for all
of you worldwide who are afraid to enter the market and face down the
Wall Street bull head-on to make extra money for all the extras you deserve.


Hug of confidence,

P.S. I’ll announce a weekly blog soon to share your stories
provide inspiration and learn of opportunities.

And, take a look at my LinkedIn profile if  you care to:




Please scroll way down to: “Everything Moms Want to Know About Options”

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