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Learn trading stock options step-by-step from scratch for rookies or pro’s.

Learn how to make extra money trading stock options part-time with easy online lessons for:


Sage wisdom from our favorite Omaha Grandfather is: “To invest in a company’s stock/option you like and would give your credit card.”

Let’s tune out the trader-speak mumble (and commissions) and learn how to make our own educated option trades to make extra money part time.

What’s So Great About Trading Options Instead of Stocks ??

Answer: 10% vs 100% Return

Disney STOCK: March 10, 2020:

Buy @ $111.75 per share X 100 shares =    $11,175.00 Cost

December 25, 2020:

Sell @ $122.93 per share X 100 shares =     $12,293.00 Received

                                                                          $1,118.00 Profit (10%)

Disney OPTION: March 10, 2020:

Buy $110 Call @ $2.60 Premium X 100 shares = $260.00

    ($11,000 Cost=for 42.3 Option contracts($260 X 42.3=$10,998 Cost)

December 25, 2020:

Sell $110 Call @ $5.20 Premium X 100 shares  = $520.00

     $21,996 Received for 43 Option contracts ($520 X 42.3 = $21,996)

                                                         Profit Received: $10,998 (100%)

Plus $9,880 Difference – Same amount of money invested.

Instructor at head of class

C’mon — here’s 15 easy online option lessons that I teach at a Nevada College — I’m with you every step of the way. Scroll to the bottom and click on Lesson #1 (and each following Lesson at the bottom) or in the right column on Desktop computer. Let’s get started – you’ll be a “pro” trading options and making extra money in no time at all!

More Animated step-by-step VIDEOS on Trading Advanced Options: Iron Condors … Butterflies … Strangles … Debit Spreads!

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