About Barb

Teacher standing in front of class

A Michigan/Las Vegas single Mom who started out boot-strapping an option account with $500, and now with Nevada college finance faculty, teaching stock option trading.

A former Director of a Big-4 CPA firm and Judge for the State of Michigan – Barb would rather be a coach than an umpire. Writer of numerous articles for professional journals and magazines, and author of a variety of books. Along the way, her spirit has stayed ahead of the curve with internet technology in trading stock options.

When not sniffing out profitable stock options or teaching, she can be found on her whiz-bang embroidery machine and swapping YouTube videos with her son and grandkids.

About You Tube v ideos

Coming soon!

 I’m about halfway around a learning curve on how to make YouTube videos on all the different strategy flavors of trading stock options.

I’ll send you each a YouTube Grand Opening message soon,

 Just let me know where to send it: